The Man (Television Thoughts: A Teacher S01 E04, Hulu)

Episode Four of ‘A Teacher’ brings us deeper into Claire and Eric’s relationship. Or affair. And all I can say is, you are in danger, boy. In the beginning of the episode, we see Claire trying to establish ground rules. But we see that she is the first one to break it, to extend its parameters, just to suit her whims. Why? Is she a bored housewife who just wants some ‘spice’ in their life, and that could be understandable because she seems to be quite unhappy with her marriage. In her dalliance with Eric, we can see that she is in control, and perhaps that is what she is looking for. In the beginning, the audience is a little bit complicit with the affair – dare I say that I was rooting for it to happen because I thought it would make the characters happier. I don’t know if I feel that way after this episode. I don’t see an upside for Eric – he is madly in love with Claire, and you and I know that this will end in disastrous tears. He can exclaim to himself ‘I am the mf man,’ but I think we can all see he is on the losing end here    

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