All About Aaron (Christmas Movie Thoughts: One Royal Holiday)

I don ‘t know why I don’t watch The Hallmark Channel more. I mean, am I not supposed to be the Ultimate Hopeless Romantic? Or is that the younger me? In any event, the lure of Broadway brought me to watch ‘One Royal Holiday’ because it stars Aaron Tveit – the dreamy Aaron Tveit. And he is paired with Cinderella herself, Laura Osnes, along with her Fairy Godmother Victoria Clark. I mean, any Show Queen worth her Playbill collection would rush to see this movie.

And it is glorious. Yeah, I know it’s kind of cheesy, but it cuts right through the chase to your heart. The cast is Class A adorable and you will find yourself swept up with the story and festivities. I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time.And sure, I cried at all the right moments. And Tveit is just as handsome as he can be, even with sketchy British accent, which you will grow to love over the course of the film. My only complaint is that they don’t get to sing in the film (except for the opening credits)

But go see this, and I bet it wioll cure part of the pandemic Holiday blues.

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