At This Time (Music Thoughts: This Time of Year, Maxine Linehan)

Maxine Linehan grew up in Ireland so she has fond memories of Christmasses in her youth, so it makes sense she would do a Christmas album. To be honest, I had not heard of her before, although her output includes shows and tributes to both Petula Clark and Barbra Streisand. Her live shows have garnered great reviews.

This Holiday album has twelve tracks, and there are only five traditional Holiday songs. The rest are her own compositions, including the title track which she is promoting. I wish I could say that the original songs are memorable. I have played the album twice now and nothing has stuck.

And since she lives in Southern Vermont, she includes a cover of ‘Moonlight in Vermont.; It’s nice, but kind of out of place here. While she does well eniugh with teh Silent Nights and Happy Christmasses, the mood is all over the place for me. I have extracted her ‘The Perfect Year’ for one of my Holiday playlist but i don’t know rally if I will listen to the other tracks again.

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