His Affection and Her Confession (Television Thoughts: A Teacher S01 E05)

By the end of the fifth episode of ‘A Teacher,’ Claire confesses to her friend Kathryn that she is having an affair with Eric. Kathryn is shocked, and disgusted, telling her ‘I have to report you!’

This episode ends with the audience realizing that the sh*t really hits the fan now. Claire has just come back from a weekend birthday celebration with Eric (he has turned 18) and they had a happy celebration there but upon coming back, they have both realized that there is turning back now – that this thing really has gotten too far. When Eric comes back home to his mom, his familial existence seems dwarfed by his enormous feelings for Claire.

I liked this episode a lot, as a lot happens here, and at the same time, the next episodes are set – what kind of repercussions will this mean for Claire, for example? Mara and Robinson are both so good you take both their sides (really, I kind of understand Claire) and you both feel for their opposing fates.

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