Dried Green Mango (Perfume Thoughts: Salted Green Mango, Strangers Parfumerie)

I was looking through a Luckyscent bag and discovered I had this sample. I remember what happened – I tried Strangers Parfumerie’s ‘Salted Green Mango’ while I was at the store (this was pre-covid, I think around February early this year) and I remember not really getting any smell while I was there. My immediate thought that it was a very subtle scent, and not what I was expecting. So I had asked for a sample so I could do a proper wearing.

When I was a kid, I would eat green mangoes, and the real raw kind. The more sour, the better for me. I would put salt on it, or better yet, shrimp paste to accentuate its flavor, and this memory made me want to really try and love this perfume.

And I am wearing it now, and my first thought: it’s a pretty elegant perfume. Itr is nto gourmand at all – though it has touches of the mango note and a salty seaweed accord – but it doesn’t smell gourmand-y or aquatic. It’s a well blended affair, with very dry vetiver and lime in there, which gives it just enough citrus bite. But it is also very synthetic, and it smells like an ‘older’ perfume that way. I found it not very ‘natural’ smelling – and I appreciated that. The scent is interesting in a much different way than I thought. I don’t know if it is full-bottle worthy, but I am definitely not bored.

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