Pop Goes The Shawn (Movie Thoughts: Shawn Mendes: In Wonder)

I wasn’t really expecting a lot of depth watching the documentary ‘Shawn Mendes: In Wonder,’ because, to be honest, this is about a twenty two year old Canadian pop star, so how deep can it go? The film is a breezy look at a young man who got famous for his peppy pop love songs.

Cue in adoring tween girl fans from all over the world – cue in Shawn’s changing hair lengths, and ‘inside look’ at his romance with fellow pop star Camilla Cabello (‘All my songs are about her’)

Listen, I won’t knock the film – I went and saw it the minute it went live on Netflix. But I am not going to pretend that this film will change anyone’s lives – it’s a ninety minute advertisement for Shawn and her new album.

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