The Getaway, and He gets away (Television Thoughts: A Teacher S01 E06 E07)

The past two episodes show the fallout from Eric’s affair with Claire, both short term and long term.

In Episode Six, we get a glimpse of where Claire’s head is at: she feels guilty about the affair, and is in denial mode. Eric calls her, but she doesn’t want to talk to him, leaving him dejected. And then a break: she leaves the house and calls him, and they get away to a motel. By the end of the episode, we see Eric escaping her. he goes back to his mother as Claire goes to school to ‘turn herself in.’

We learn the aftermath of their actions on Episode Seven, where we see Eric at his first year in College. Apparently, Claire is now in County Jail, and the case was aggravated by that getaway the two of them had. Eric blames himself for sending her to jail. She had to take a plea deal because of it. The incident still haunts Eric, who refuses to go to counseling. He carries everything on his shoulders until it becomes unbearable.

Nick Robinson shines in this series. He is able to show Eric’s vulnerability, and the pain of the guilt his character is carrying.

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