When Love Hurts You (Television Thoughts: A Teacher, S01 E08 E09, Hulu)

Episode 8 of the show takes us to Claire. She is released from county jail and briefly stays with her brother. But the stigma of her being a sex offender is too much to handle for his wife and Claire ends up staying with their father, which is a worst case scenario type of thing for her. What struck me most about this episode is a scene where Eric comes to see her, and she says to him’ We were in love, weren’t we’? It’s difficult not to sympathize with Claire for a little bit, because in the end, she just fell in love, too. It was a dangerous kind of love, but call me romantic, it was still love.

And Episode 9 brings both characters to crossroads of sorts.Claire goes on a Tinder date where she thinks she has found a guy, but then she realizes how he fetishizes her (he googled her) and it is fine. When she comes back to him a second time and asks him to hurt her, they both freak out afterwards – leading her to have a much needed confrontation with her father. Eric, on the other hand, meets a yoga instructor at a bar who is heartbroken, and that gives him his own breakthrough. The experience for Claire & Eric boils down to a love that hurt them both.

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