Still the Feels (Television Thoughts: Celebrity IOU, S02 E01)

Celebrity IOU’s first season delighted me, and it came out just in time – back when the pandemic first hit. It made me laugh, it made me cry. And when I read that the show was greenlit for a second season, I wondered how the show would continue. But here it is, Season Two has started, and it looks like the show hasn’t skipped a bit. the pandemic isn’t even mentioned, all the better for syndicated episodes!

And we have Zooey Deschanel (Host Jonathan Scott’s girlfriend, and of ‘New Girl’ fame) in the debut episode, giving back to her. childhood friend, transforming her 900 ft square house into a better space – it could be tight for a family of four (and a newborn in there)

So yes, it was nice. But – and this is a big but for me, something felt amiss. The fact that Zooey is Jonathan’s girlfriend lost a little bit of the appeal for me. Surely when her friend saw them, she had an idea what would happen. But other than that, the formula still works, and the next episodes should be better – for me anyway.

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