Coming Home (Film Thoughts: Farewell Amor)

Ekwa Msangi’s ‘Farewell Amor,’ on the surface seems to be just another immigrant story. It’s of a family reunited after seventeen years – the father, Walter is an Angolan refugee living in New York, and after seventeen years of red tape, his wife and teenage daughter have now arrived. What happens after can sometimes be described as familiar, but Msangi finds nuance in these familiar themes, and this film ends up much more touching,

The film is framed by three points of view – from the father, the mother, and the daughter. The father had to break up with his lover – one who was with him all these years while he waited for his family. The mother adjusts to American life as she reconciled with her religion, and the teenage daughter has to find her footing in her new environment.

There is an air of authenticity in the performances, and you can’t help but be swept by their plights.

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