Hot Mess in Hot Pursuit (Series Thoughts: The Flight Attendant, S01 E01-E02, HBO Max)

I was not a viewer of ‘Big Bang Theory’ so I did not know Kelly from Cuoco but here I am, watching her new show on HBO Max ‘The Flight Attendant.’ Someone recommended this show to me, saying it was ‘bingeable,’ and I am always up for that. And I have watched the first two episodes.

There’s a lot going on here – it’s certainly a fast paced show. Basically, Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden, a flight attendant. Cassie is a bit of a party girl (read: hot mess) and while on a hook up with a passenger in Bangkok, she wakes up to find him dead. Full of blood. She panics, and escapes.

And of course complications. She gets away from the crime scene, but once she gets back to American soil, she gets interviewed by the FBI (the agents are adorably bumbling) and, well, it probably gets more complicated.

But for me, maybe too frenetic? The action never stops, and I am a little overwhelmed by it, It doesn’t give me time to breathe, and I just get too stressed watching it. And’s Cuoco as an actress is too busy, and I usually veer away from those kinds of performances. But you know what? I will hang on to this, and see where it leads me.

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