The Yuletide Gay (Movie Thoughts: The Christmas Setup/Dashing in December)

Much has been said about the fact that there are LGBTQ Christmas movies this year, and that is probably a good thing. Right? There’s the most popular, Hulu’s ‘The Happiest Season,’ and there are some that are just as significant. Lifetime has been making these types of movies year after year, and guess what? they have included the gays this year round through ‘The Christmas Set Up,’ which stars Fran Drescher no less. She stars as one of those ‘meddling’ moms who tries to set up her son with a nice guy while he is home for Christmas. Real life couple Blake Lee and Ben Lewis star as the young gay couple who are tried to put together. The two of them have great chemistry – you can see in both their eyes the way they affectionately look at each other. In these types of movies, chemistry is everything – and theirs definitely created the sparks needed for the movie.

And sure, the movie is pure Cheez Whiz but they got me line, hook, and sinker. I laughed at every joke, And cried on cue when I was told to. As I always say, even if this movie isn’t Citizen Kane, I was entertained by it more than any other thing this Holiday season and I give it all the thumbs up I could give.

Funny that Paramount’s ‘Dashing In December’ has an almost identical storyline. In this case gay New Yorker Wyatt (Peter Porte) goes home to the ranch where he grew up with the intent of convincing his mom, played by Andie McDowell, to finally settle the property so it can be turned into a race track. Of course, when he gets home, he meets the new ranch hand, Heath (Juan Pablo di Pace) and well, you can kind of guess where this is all headed.

I liked this film less, because it is taking itself as little too seriously. Gay cowboys are almost a cliche now (they are not even shy at naming one of the characters Heath) but if you are still into that kind of thing, this has all the bells and whistles.

The chemistry between the two leads here are more wanting, but I can’t deny that they both look good – apart and together.

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