The Cat Lady (Television Thoughts, Call Me Kat, Fox)

‘Call me Kat’ on Fox is the American adaptation of BBC’s ‘Miranda,’ and I note that even though I have never seen the original show. The premise is certainly kind of cute – Kat has a cat cafe, and is a 39 year old single woman. And of course, the cast is very gay – it has Cheyenne Jackson and Leslie Jordan, So I knew I just had to check it out.

And I like it, mostly. Enough for me to want to check out the next episodes after the pilot, which I saw. The ‘gimmick’ of Kat breaking the fourth wall is a bit on the annoying side, but I am able to to tolerate it. Mayim Bialik could probably take it down a notch (two spitting water gags in an episode?) but I guess that’s just what the director ordered. But above all, the show has a sensibility – a gay one – that I like. It celebrates someone who is single, and kind of eccentric, and a little bit lonely, but above all, mostly happy.

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