Noises Off (Movie Thoughts: The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, Hulu)

This is how I described Hulu’s ‘The Ultimate Playlist of Noise.’ – Imagine is Amazon’s ‘The Sound of Metal’ was produced by Netlix, and more specifically Netflix’s teen universe (except that if Netflix did this, it probably would have starred Noah Centineo)

The film is about a teenager, (Keann Johnson) who learns that because of a tumor, he will have to lose his hearing. So in order to prepare for it, he goes on a quest to record noises (bowling pins hitting, fireworks, etc) and go on some kind of road trip to accomplish this. He embarks on this with a young woman he falls for, and there is a back story of how, when he was a kid, he was rescued from a fire by his older brother, who perished from it.

There’s a lot to unpack there, but the approach is YA, so most of this is easy to digest. It helps that Johnson is a good actor, so it all goes down easy. But a lot of it is mindless, and the road trip part felt very formulaic for me. But the last part packs a lot of heart, so this isn’t as worthless as you would initially deem it to be. You could do worse.

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