Major Mayor (Television Thoughts: Mr Mayor, NBC)

I don’t know how I ended up watching ‘Mr Mayor’ on Hulu – It was suggested to me, and I just pressed play, not knowing anything about it. Well, it turns out it stars Ted Danson (ok, I guess) and the show was produced by Tina Frey and Robert Carlock (yay)

The premise of the show is ‘novel,’ if it were 2013, I guess. A businessman runs for mayor of Los Angeles… and wins! (He only did it to impress his teenage daughter) And of course, he surrounds himself with ‘wacky’ incompetent characters, a la Veep. Holly Hunter plays his nemeses, an ultra-progressive who he makes deputy mayor.

The pilot wasn’t really that funny (is it me, or are pilots mostly horrible?) But I have to admit I laughed somewhat on the second episode, where the mayor goes to events stoned. I think the show has a lot of potential, if the characters are given enough room to breathe and develop. I sometimes have long stressful days where I want to watch something light, and this show just might do that trick.

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