Song For My Baby (Film Thoughts: Cancion Sin Nombre/Song Without A Name)

Peru’s entry to the Academy Awards last year was Cancion Sin Nombre (Song Without A Name) and I accidentally discovered this, and it is one of those small movies that pack a wallop. It is set in 80s Peru, a turbulent time in their history. The film is at parts a political commentary via a ‘stolen baby’ story. It centers on Georgina (Pamela Mendoza) who is lured by a free childbirth clinic. Unbeknownst to her, she gets embroiled in a syndicate network of infant kidnapping for sale to foreigners. She enlists the help of a journalist (Tommy Arraga) to find out exactly what happened, and things get more complicated as they stumble upon secrets.

This is a deeply personal story, filmed intimately in gorgeous and inky black and white. I kept on thinking how this would probably (for me) work better on the big screen, a small story enlarged from its beating heart. But its message isn’t diminished – there’s even a small queer side storyline that makes the story even more personal. I want to recommend this film, and hope people who like this sort of thing find it.

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