Friend Indeed (Movie Thoughts: Our Friend)

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s ‘Our Friend’ is a cancer movie weepie – destined to wring out tears in you. We’ve seen this story before, we’ve seen this movie before, but for me, because I am sometimes a masochist, I still watch, hoping for something new.

I am happy to report that the film got some tears out of me (but then again maybe that’s from my pandemic low-key depression) even though the story was familiar – I mean we all know how this will end – the main ace for the film here is the good acting by the principals. Dakota Johnson is really a good actress, and she shines through the scattershot script here, giving dignity to the dying Nicole, who gets diagnosed with cancer. Casey Affleck also gives complex to a cardboard character, but it is Jason Segal who is the top here – funny and vulnerable as the selfless friend who glues the family together.

There are some holes in the story, and for what it is I felt the film was a little bloated . but this film is exactly what you need if you want to release some sadness out of you.

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