Sing Act (Music Thoughts: At Last, Mariah Bonner)

When I first finished listening to Mariah Bonner’s album ‘At Last,’ the first thought that came to my mind is that it is interesting. It did not bore me, for sure. I can’t really tell if I really liked it. She has a high thinnish voice – and I thought at times it was pitchy – but it definitely is full of character. I bet she is an actress, I told myself, and sure enough, when I checked her website, she has some acting credits. (That will also explain her gorgeous album photographs) Her album is a mixture of standards English and French and I feel like the songs were carefully chosen, and reflects her personality.

I felt like she sang and acted most of the songs. The heartbreak of ‘Ne Me Quittes Pas’ is there for all of us to feel, for example. And in ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ she shows her rhythmic side. As I said, this album will make you pay attention, but is it good?

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