Sin is Sensational (Television Thoughts: It’s A SIn, S01 E01, Channel Four)

Russell T Davies’ new show ‘It’s A Sin’ starts off so much fun – it tells of the stories of three young gay men in 1981 – Ritchie, Roscoe and Collin. I always love these stories of young people starting their life, and I don’t know what it says about me. The show is set in 1981 London, and that would have been a perfect time and place for me to be in, so from th every beginning I am all in.

All three young men come from conservative-ish families – and you can just imagine how the wild explosion of post 70s London blasts in their faces. One of the funniest early scenes for me is Roscoe leaving his Nigerian family as they plan to bring him back to the outskirts of Laos, and he dresses up in drag as he dramatically leaves their house.

Neil Patrick Harris stars as Henry, a colleague of Collin in a Saville Row tailoring house, and his presence is a breath of fresh air – an out, confident gay man of the times. But of course the shadow of AIDS looms, and he dies before the end of the episode. I got so much joy from the earlier scenes that I am dreading what is about to come next – there are hints of what is to come, and if I were to guess, it will break my heart. But this is our story, my story, and I will be tuning in.

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