Unmusical (Movie Thoughts: Music)

The pop star Sia has directed her first film, titled ‘Music,’ and I really don’t know what to say. It’s not bad in the worst sense of the word, but it’s bad. Like insultingly bad. It’s about an autistic young woman named Music, played by her muse Maddie Zigler. And in this day and age, and Ziegler portrays her in teh most exaggerated ‘autistic’ mannerisms, almost to the point that the character seems like a cartoon (Bugs Bunny has more subtlety, though) Irt totally takes you out of the story (and the film) and I am bewitched how this got made. Apparently, Sia has apologized and has said she will remove offensive scenes…but the version I saw still has quite a few of them, so…

And it’s not like the cast is full of hacks. I mean, we have Kate Hudson, and Leslie Odom Jr. Sia has peppered the film with music videos, and if there were any redeeming value for the movie, it would be those. Visually, they are interesting.

But I still can’t get over everything else.

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