For Fir (Scent Thoughts: Forest Walk, Sonoma Scent Studio)

I was at my friend’s house in the Bay Area recently and he has a pretty sizable perfume collection. I always like to go through his scents just to try some that I don’t have (though our wardrobes overlap a bit) He had one that caught my eye: Forest Walk by Sonoma Scent Studio. Curiously, I don’t have anything from this house, even though I think their scents are pretty well done.

Forest Walk smells exactly as you think it would, like a walk in the forest. It starts with green fir, and then goes to honeyed amber and other resinous notes. It is quite interesting that it has a note that I would c all ‘moldy.’ smelling woodsy (cedar? oak?) Fragrantica lists one as ‘earthy notes’ and that could be it.

It’s a multi-layered scent and was perfect for the forty degree weather over there. But I probably cannot wear this anymore in Southern California – it will probably ‘bloom’ in the wrong way. I can just appreciate it as I cannot imagine buying a bottle of this – it just isn’t me anymore.

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