The Lonely Land (Film Thoughts: Land)

‘Land’ is the first movie directed by the actress Robin Wright Penn and she stars in it as well. She plays Edee,a. woman who runs away from it all. She deals with the grief she is feeling by running away from it all, and live in a house in the mountains. Halfway through the film, she realizes that no one can handle things alone and is befriended and helped by a hunter, played by Demian Bichir.

As a film, it is a little wanting (‘Nomadland’ is of a similar idea but is done much better) but the film captures I feeling that resonates with me: loneliness. Wright is great in essaying how that feels, and I feel very few things get solitude well.

The film is also beautifully shot. The wilderness of Canada never looked more picturesque, and it added to the overall feel of the film. As a first feature, Wright does well with what she is given, and she will do much better things.

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