Woody’s World (Film Thoughts: Rifkin’s Festival)

Woody Allen’s ‘newest’ film is titled ‘Rifkin’s Festival’ and it is set at the San sebastian Film Festival in Spain. I say it is kind of fitting, since most of his films now do not get American distribution, because of child abuse allegations against Allen. But let’s put that aside for now, and just talk about the film.

I would file this under the ‘leeser Allens,’ that group of films that aren’t the best, but a ‘bad’ Allen movie, for me anyway, is still not the worst thing in the world. This one is a love quadrangle. Mort Rifkin, (Wallace Shawn) is at the festival with his wife (Gina Gershon) who is a publicist for a hot shot director with the festival’s opening film. Mort suspects that the two are haviung an affair, while he seems to be starting one himself with a local doctor.

It’s all erudite fun, and I always catch myself chuckling at Allen’s one-liners. There’s a running joke here about classic films, Allen style, and these characters are also featured in scene reenactment of these films – think Citizen Kane, think Breathless. They all revolve around Woody Allen’s world of taste and refinement, and that’s fine if a bit stale perhaps. And unfortunately, the same can be said about the film.

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