Unrosemarkable (Perfume Thoughts: Miss Dior Rose n Roses, Christian Dior)

Maybe I still have a little hangover from Valentine’s Day, from the roses I saw on the street, because it made me want to check out Miss Dior Rose n’ Roses, which is a Miss Dior flanker. I saw a magazine ad for it and loved the campaign – it’s pink and oh so romantic.

Sigh. It’s a nice fragrance, but honestly, that’s the most I can say for it. It’s definitely a rose scent, but a pretty generic one – it skews maybe more dry rose if that makes sense (as opposed to dewy) but it’s completely unremarkable. I barely remember it now even as I wear it, and is pretty indistinguishable from any other department store scent. At times it even smells kinda cheap – the rose her can be a little on the synthetic side.

It’s a shame – I like the bottle, and the Dior brand obviously.

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