I Don’t Really Care, Do You ? (Film Thoughts: I Care A Lot)

Rosamund Pike is so very good in ‘I Care A Lot’ you almost admire here, especially in the beginning. She plays Marlam, a ‘guardian’ to the elderly. But it’s all a scam – these seniors don’t really need one, and it’s a scam to take advantage of them as the guardian starts to have power over their assets. The beginning sequences move so swift and gives you a entry punch to the film that it is deliciously entertaining – one of those dark comedies where you root for the villain.

But then there’s the villain’s villain. When Marla takes over the guardianship for Jennifer Petersen (Dianne Weist) it seems she has chosen the wrong prey – this patient has ties to the undesirables.

And then you just have a bunch of deplorables fighting against each other. The movie stalls for me at this point – there is no one to root for, and it becomes a run-of-the-mill thriller. And then I found that it was I who didn’t care what happens next.

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