To The Courts (Television Thoughts: Allen V Farrow Episode Three, HBO)

Episode Three of Allen v Farrow focuses on the legal proceedings that transpired after the allegations were lobbed against Woody Allen. Mia brought Dylan to a pediatrician and afterwards the doctor reported the incident to the police (he was probably legally obligated to) The prosecutor on the case wanted to do but quietly but was sidetracked by Allen himself who held a press conference at The Plaza Hotel.

And then it gets more complicated. There’s a report from Yale that had two social workers interviewing Dylan nine times, and the show presented experts who said that was probably excessive. The same report concluded that Dylan seems to be not a credible witness. A big part of the puzzle is Mia’s videotaped interviews of Dylan. And you be the judge: do you think or feel that Dylan was partly coached by her? Allen’s narrative is that Mia is a woman scorned (he had started a relationship with her daughter Soon-Yi, itself an icky situation)

Here are my thoughts: something happened to Dylan and I believe her more than I don’t. And I also believe that Allen used his power to try to manipulate things – this is of course the era when Harvey Weinstein was producing his films – and powerful people have their way.

Do I think he’s guilty? Probably.

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