Oh Father (Film Thoughts: The Father)

Anthony Hopkins gives another masterful performance in ‘The Father,’ and it is one of his bests. In Florian Zeller’s film, he plays the titular character, a character who is suffering from dementia, and Zeller not only tells us a story, he puts right smack and center inside the mind of Hophins’ character. The film is set in London, and in n the beginning of the film he is speaking to his daughter, Anne, who tells him he will have a new caregiver. She has met someone, and is moving to Paris to be with her new beau. But the next scene sees Anthony with another man, who is supposed to be Anne’s husband of ten years, and it seems Anthony is living with her Ann and her husband at their home, only now Anne is another woman.

The film is part mystery, part drama, and all affecting. It is based on Zeller’s play and I could now imagine the production. As an audience, we experience the confusion, the shock of this disease. As I said Hopkins is so effective that we see, and more importantly, we feel what someone like him is going through, making the film an unforgettable watch. I am still thinking about it. I bet you will be as haunted.

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