Prisoner (Film Thoughts: The Mauritanian)

Jodie Foster winning Best Supporting Actress on The Golden Globes made me want to check out Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Mauritianian’ right away. I mean, I probably would have eventually seen the film anyway. And I knew nothing about it going into the film. I realized then it was based on a book, a memoir by the main character of the film, Mohamedou Ould Salahi, here played by Tahar Rahim, while he was imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. Foster plays Nancy Hollander, the lawyer who defended her against the US government.

The film is a good addition to the ‘United States sucks’ genre, and I found the story quite compelling. The film about it, is a mixed bag. The focus is all over the place, leaving the performances to ground and land it. Rahim is sensational, and Foster giving her icy-warm brand of acting (I personally think she should be in lead, not supporting) But I felt drawn in by most of it, and found the time spent worthwhile.

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