When A Rose Isn’t (Perfume Thoughts: Lil Fleur, Byredo)

I went to the Byredo counter specific ally to sniff their new release, and because of COVID, now the sales associate personally spray the perfume on you (if you want to try it on skin, which I always do) and after she did she said, “oh my, my mistake, that was ‘Lil Fleur; I accidentally sprayed.’ But to me it was a good mistake, since I don’t think IU have sampled Lil Feur yet.

I knew that this was going to be a rose scent, and I had been craving rose scents lately anyway so I thought this was a sign from the heavens above. But this isn’t a jammy or juicy rise (the kind I was craving) This is a dry rose miuxed with leather…and a lot of vanilla and benzoin.

It was a warm-ish day when I tried this so the perfume bloomed. The vanilla stepped front and center – and it was a tad jarring. It smelled a lot on the synthetic side, kind of medicinal, kind of band-aid ish. But wonder of all wonders, I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm. It felt like a hypnotic energy that kept on calling me. So does this mean I liked it?

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