Repercussions (Television Thoughts: Allen v Farrow, Episode 4, HBO)

The last episode of the series focuses on what has happened after. It starts with Frank Maco, the Connecticut prosecutor making a decision to not go ahead with charging Woody Allen even though he believes there is probable cause. His reasoning is that he does not want Dylan to go through the stress of going through a public trial. This seems to be a very difficult decision for him, and he even says that one day he will always be there for Dylan if ever she wants to ask him why he made that decision. Towards the end of the episode, we do see the two of them together, and Dylan thanks him even though she thinks a great injustice was done.

This episode also deals with the aftermath – how after this incident, Allen seems to have been untouched. That is, until the #metoo movement of 2018 happened, and people started to believe her, and publicly support her. They show the Golden Globes tribute for Allen, wherein actresses like Diane Keaton and Emma Stone praised teh director, and how that made Dylan felt small. I remember that night, and how I myself had mixed feelings about that tribute.

And we see Dylan now, with a child of her own. Is she a damaged person because of all of this? I think so, but you can see how brave she is.

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