Heavy Cherry (Film Thoughts: Cherry)

With a one hunde and forty minute running time, ‘Cherry’ is certainly heavy. Directed Joe and Anthony Russo (of those superhero movies) the film tries to tackle a lot and lobs them all at you. It’s from the memoirs of Nico Walker, who served in Afghanistan, and came back with PTSD. But that only is a fraction of Walker’s story – it also tackles his addiction. and the vices he acquires trying to sustain that drug addiction. It really is a lot, and yes, too much.

And The Russos tell the story vividly, with too much imagination and not enough originality. Everything they do here we have seen before. Everything feels familair, and not special.

So the question is: can Tom Holland make us believe. And can Tom Holland sustain your attention? for the most part, the answer to that question is yes. he gives his all here, and you can sense the total commitment he gives to the film in any and all of his scenes. Is it enough to save the film? Your mileage may vary. I could watch Holland eat vegetables and I would be fine. Others need a little more substance.

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