Differently (Music Thoughts: New Sounds From the Jazz Age, Lizzie Thomas)

Different is nice, but nice sometimes isn’t enough. Thats what I thought after listening to Lizzie Thomas’ album ‘New Sounds From the Jazz Age.’ Look, I get it – these songs have been sung innumerable times and it would be very tempting to spin them differently. In this album, most arrangements aren’t run of the mill – there’s a fast paced ‘One Note Samba’ that usurps the samba beat. There’s a somewhat fascinating take on ‘Fascinating Rhythm.’ But I thought a lot of it didn’t have the one thing I am looking for when I want to listen to these songs – heart. I listened to the album quite a few times and at first I couldn’t figure out why I felt so bored listening to it. And then I realize that, for e, there was no connection between singer and song. I didn’t hear it, anyway. And sometimes that’s all you need to make something work.

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