How Can An Angel Break My Heart? (Scent Thoughts: Angels’ Share)

Killian’s Angels’ Share is the second perfume from the brand’s ‘The Liquors’ collection (I wrote about the other one, Angels on Ice, previously and mostly had good words for it. And Angels’ Share is even better, and probably the one I prefer of the two.

Angels’ Share has an ingredient I like and very rarely see on any perfume: cognac. The cognac note here is kind of potent. It is luscious and intoxicating, and quite sexy. Imagine waking up next to a man you just met while at a bar last night, with hints of what you were drinking, and mix it with cinnamon and apple pie. Angel’s Share is what you get, and it is wonderful and perfect for winter mornings. There is even a hint of musk, giving this a ‘well-worn’ quality.

The cognac can be a little bit literal – wear this go the office and you might get second glances from people thinking you just came from the bar. But I like its warm (thought not hot) quality that envelopes you in a warm hug. It’s a sweet winter gourmand that is unlike anything I have smelled recently. I don’t know if I can resist this now.

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