Cheaters (Movie Thoughts: Operation Varsity Blues)

Without much thought, I pressed play on Netflix’s ‘Operation Varsity Blues,’ and found myself getting into it for the first couple of minutes that I ended up going through the whole thing. This documentary is about the 2019 College Admission scandal that sent actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman to jail. Basically, the whole thing was masterminded by Rick Singer, a college ‘coach’ who helped students get into their desired colleges through a side door – basically cheating their way in via the athletic program, aided by the college coaches he was in cahoots with. The other part of his scam included having someone else finagle with kids’ SAT scores, so you know all wholesome stuff. The documentary has a lot of reenactments, mostly phone conversations wiretapped by the FBI. Did I learn anything new from this? Honestly, not much, but I have to admit it was good for hate-watching so much so time flew by quickly.

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