Bye Bex (Television Thoughts: The Real World Homecoming S01 E 03)

So in this episode Becky says goodbye.

Seriously? becky’s defense on why she is not a racist? She took a Afro-Brasilian dance class. Girl, you really should know better. She has said that she is a victim of bad editing, and she said the show needed a villain and it was very convenient for her to be the one. But really, you should have known then – you guys created this reality show genre. Have you not paid any attention all these years? Apparently not, because she still employs these sad defense mechanisms and really, it does look like she hasn’t learned a lick since she was last on this show. And off she goes.

And I think this is just the drama the producers have been waiting for. They got it – she handed it to them on a platter.

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