Love at The Port (Movie Thoughts: Port Authority)

I was quite charmed by Danielle Lesovitz’s ‘Port Authority,’ which I am tempted to call an unconventional love story. But, really, nowadays, it isn’t. Paul is from the midwest, and arrives to New York City by bus, landing at the Port Authprity Bus terminal. His sister, who is supposed to pick him up, is a no-show. And before this gets to be a filma botu another wanderer in teh city, it becomes a love story betyween hima nd Wye, a trans woman. But he doesn’t realize until mid way that she is trans, and what happens next is enlightening. I am probably from the last generation who would think twice about a situation like this, but Paul after much reflection, seems to be ok with it. It’s refreshing, and makes the love story real, and is a great representation of where the times are now. Fionn Whitehead as Paul shows great sensitivity in his role but Lenya Bloom as Wye is the real star here.

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