Daddy Duty (Movie Thoughts: Sugar Daddy)

You think a movie is going somewhere but it ends up some place else. That’s what I felt while watching Kelly McCormack’s ‘Sugar Daddy.’ In this film, a down and out musician, played by McCormack starts ‘daddy dating’ for a living. It’s some kind of set up where she accompanies wealthy older men, and in the beginning, no sex is involved. Of course, she is drawn into that world and you think that the film will end up just like any other morality tale. But then again, is it prostitution, what she is doing? The film explores all these issues intelligently, and asks questions pertaining to how society nowadays perceives this kind of work. Should sex work really be decriminalized? And should there be stigma, still in this day and age of OnlyFans? The film is a thoughtful watch, even if the second half kind of limps.

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