The Human Interest Story (Television Thoughts: The Real World Homecoming Episode 04 – 05, Paramount+)

I know most people watch reality television for the drama, but I have always liked the more ‘quiet’ episodes. After Becky left, it gave the roommates a little time to breathe and focus more on how they interact withe each other. Episode four is my favorite one so far. I didn’t really like the drama between Becky and Kevin – I thought i felt manufactured. I love more the human interest stories. This episode somewhat focused on Norm, who we learn has been financially hit by the pandemic, causing him to go back home to Michigan and work at the family bakery (I think he also said that his parents were getting up there and wanted to be with them, which makes me love him more) It was touching to see the roommates rally for him.

And did you know Eric was swindled $250K by a manager? Eric talks about this as one of the major setbacks of his life, one which transformed him. It was touching to see the roommates ‘visit’ him at his hotel, with him waving from his balcony. That scene and this episode in general made me miss New York, or made me miss when I was younger….when life had more possibilities.

But by the end of Episode four, we are kind of back to the becky Kevin drama, which to me was so boring and annoying. When they have the confrontation again (via Facetime) all I can do is tune it out.

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