Perfumed Spirits (Scent Thoughts: H24, Hermes)

H24 is Hermes’ first new men’s fragrance since Terre de Hermes, which was fifteen years ago already. It’s also Christine Nagel’s first on her Hermes tenure after taking over from Jean Claude Elenna. I think this would be an interesting barometer on where the house is headed. And from what I have read, this scent is being billed as a fougere, which makes it more interesting – will it smell retro-like or very modern?

It seems like it is a little bit of both. There’s something old-fashioned about it, like an old man’s cologne, but instead of it lavender, Nagel uses a sage note. This sage is bitter-sh and citrus-y, and I could swear I could detect a tinge of grapefruit in the beginning (an homage to TdH?) As the scent develops, there’ that rosewood, and yes, I do smell the sclarene note (which is described as the scent of fabric being ironed) And in the end, we get a kind of watercolor kind of fougere. In this sense, it is very Ellen-esque, with a very appealing white sage clarity that never leaves. I like it a lot, and I would think that on summer months, this would be nice and ‘refreshing.’ (I hate perfumes that are described that way, but this seems fitting) Okay, I like this enough that I think I will eventually get a bottle of it 0 I bet it becomes very popular, though.

If for anything, the sage would help clear unruly spirits.

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