Look Back (Television Thoughts: The Real World: Homecoming, Episode 6/Finale)

Pictured: Kevin Powell, Heather B Gardner, Julie Gentry and Norman Korpi of the Paramount+ series THE REAL WORLD HOMECOMING: NEW YORK. Photo Cr: MTV 2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I don’t know why the finale of ‘The Real World: Homecoming’ affected me so much I guess it’s because the show reminds me so much of my youth, of when I started looking forward to life and what it could give me, and here I am now, worlds away from where and who I was when I first started watching the show. And it’s ok, I am ok. But my youth is gone. The show made me face where I am headed, and it’s the autumn of my life. I related to the show because I was more or less the same age as these people when it first aired. And just like them, I am older and have gone through a whole lot since.

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