Super Nova (Perfume Thoughts: Angel Nova, Thierry Mugler)

There are a lot of people who are ‘Angel’ haters, but I am not one of them. i used to wear Angel proudly back int he day, although I much preferred the flanker Innocent Angel, which I thought was quieter and a little more disciplined. But i can’t say I have worn Angel un a long time, as my bottle is somewhere inside my boxes. But I happily tested Angel Nova, its newest incarnation from last year.

If you like juicy fruit fragrances, this one’s for you, This is a beast of a scent, with a huge raspberry and litchee opening. It’s makes quite a big impression, and on days when I would crave a big fruit, this would be so welcome. At the heart of the perfume is a jammy rose, so that makes it doubly appealing for me – a big rose fruit, just the way I like it.

I even like it’s (sorta weird) dry down – benzoiny band aid-y. It smells a bit synthetic, but of the good kind. The fruits and rose linger towards the very end anyway and never leaves. Just like anything associated with Mugler Angel, this is a big perfume – its trail is very strong and lasts forever. I want one, I think.

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