I’ve Got You Over My Skin (Film Thoughts: The Man Who Sold His Skin)

‘The Man Who Sold His Skin’ is nominated for an Oscar, and I know that “Another Round’ probably has that award in the bag, but I cannot help but say I would be happier if this film, directed by Kaouther Ben Hania, won. I think I this film is infinitely more thought-provoking, and has a lot more heart.

The film is based on a true story about Belgian artist Wim Delvoye who used a man’s back as canvas for his art. In teh film, the same scenario happens when Sam Ali (Yahya Mahani) does the same thing to get legal status in Belgium to eb nearer the love of his life, who has lived there via an arranged marriage. At the heart of the film is a love story, and how one does everything to win back love lost.

It’s also part satire, and a commentary on who own what when a piece of art is a commodity. I found the story unique, and the film fascinating and entertaining.

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