By The Bar (Perfume Thoughts: Orpheon, Diptyque)

Sometimes, the house of Diptyque, to me, seems to always be an afterthought. I have a ot of their perfumes in my wardrobe but never wear them. Still, I like almost every release they have – they may not always be the most exciting or unique releases but they are always solid releases.

Their new offering, Orpheon, is just as good. I like its back story – the scent is inspired by a Parisian Bar of the same name, which sits at the corner of 34 Boulevard Saint-Germaine and rue de Pantoieis, which is not far from the Paris Diptyuque store. The founders of Diptyque used to frequent that bar and wanted to pay tribute to it.

And you know what? The perfume is a great representation of it. It starts with a juniper berry blast (perhaps a drink of choice) then settles to a cedar-y powdery middle. I imagine myself at the bar, intermingling with sophisticated Parisians with their scents, women and their powdered foundations, and it’s all so chic and classy. And you know the best thing about Orpheon? It smells like a real perfume. You carry it with you, it has personality and it has flair. It’s really wonderful and unique and I want a full bottle now.

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