Physical Attraction (Movie Thoughts: Monday)

For Mickey & Chloe, it was supposed to be a one-night stand. It’s a crowded Greek beach party, and they are introduced to each other, and before you can say oppa, they are kissing each other on the dance floor. The next morning, we see them buck naked on the beach, being arrested by the police. Sounds like the genesis of a romantic love story, right?

As it turns out in Argyris Papadimotropolous’s film, yes. But no. We see the couple go through things as couple do, but for me, it’s soulless. We never see what attracts them to each other, besides the physical attraction. Much has been said about the all-out nudity in this film, but it never amounts to anything sexy, in my opinion. The couple have non-stop sex, but I never felt connected to each of the characters – Mickey and Chloe never felt real, just pieces of cardboard. It’s a shame – the Greek landscape is wasted, and the actors, too. They try hard but you can only do so much with cardboard.

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