One For The Young (Television Thoughts: Younger S07 E01 – E04, Paramount+, Hulu)

Four episodes into the seventh season of ‘Younger,’ and I cannot believe this is the final season. Are we ready to say goodbye to these people? I think I have been writing abut my thoughts of the show since the first episode of the first season, and I don’t know if I can let go just yet. But it’s been a while since last time, and I honestly had to take a refresher on where the characters are right now.

Charles has proposed to Liza, and Josh has a kid, Check. Kelsey was head of the board but she ceded it back to Charles. Check. Diana got married to the plumber guy. Check.

Looks like Diana is honeymooning, but four episodes in and she has not come back yet (Apparently, her absence is COVID related) And Liza says no to Charles. I understand her – she has come from a bad first marriage and still has PTSD.

The first four episodes are a lot of fun – it pokes fun at a lot of things, and doesn’t even mention he pandemic, which is good, because aren’t we all sick of talking about it. Charles is broken from Liza’s rejection and isn’t taking it well, and having a fling with Quinn, played by Laura Benanti. By the way, aren’t you glad we live ina world where both Sutton Foster and Laura Benanti are on the same television show. I am sorely missing Miriam Shor, who plays Diana. I miss everything about her, including her wonderful statement necklaces, although they are giving Lauren more to do. She tries her hard, bu tit isn’t Diana. I am curious abut where and who Liza eventually ends up with – I know both Josh and Charles have fans.

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