Yellow Rose (Perfume Thoughts: Born in Roma Yellow Dream, Valentino)

I bought something at Macy’s the other day and to my surprise, I found a sample vial of Valentino Born In Roma Yellow Dream in my bag. Mind you, I don’t think I have even smelled the original Valentino Born In Roma so have nothing to base this flanker on.

Based on the promotional material of this scent, the perfume only has three notes: lemon, rose, and white musk. And that’s a good sign for me – nothing extraneous, no bullcrap notes on paper. And for the most part, the scent delivers just that.

A big lemon blast opens upon spray. It’s a little on the synthetic side, but not the wort thing. Then a big bouquet of roses blooms, and it’s the fresh dewy kind. And that is basically it. the drydown is still a white-musk rose.

I honestly don’t mind it, but then again I have been on a rose kick lately.. It certainly feels ‘yellow’ with the citrus element in there. It’s an inoffensive, kinda boring scent, but it is also not as bad as it could have been. It skews more sporty, but with just the right touch of floral, and is perfect, say for running around grocery shopping on a Saturday morning. It’s a nice mid-weight summer scent.

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