Bad Boss (Television Thoughts: The Big Shot, HBO Max)

I don’t know what compelled me to watch ‘The Big Shit,’ which is Bethenny Frankel’s new show on HBO MAX. I only barely tolerated her on Housewives, and only kind of liked her when she made fun if Ramona Singer. But sure, why not? I should have known to just steer clear of this. This is just a copy of the ‘The Apprentice,’ and I am proud to day I never watched that show. This seems like her bid to be a Cheetoh in training. Disgusting. I mean, it makes sense now why on Twitter Frankel was making fun of Meghan Markle.

What a mean spirited woman. Whether it is real or not, she just does not come off appealing here, and in this day and age where there are unemployed people because of the pandemic, it is disheartening for her to treat employee candidates like crap. I bet few people would warm up to this. I barely finished the first episode – that’s how loathsome I thought she was. But the worst part for me? That it was executive produced by Mark Burnett, who is responsible for enabling the Cheetoh.

Hard Pass.

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