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It is interesting how graffiti has evolved over the years. Before, it was a bit of a nuisance. But nowadays, I would be the first one to pose ion front of it for the Gram. When I was last in Miami, I visited the Wynwood District where much if teh film ‘Reefa’ is set – it has walls and walls of beautiful artwork. This film, directed by Jessica Kavana Dorbusch, celebrates the short life of Israel Reefa Hernandez, an eighteen year old graffiti artist senselessly killed in Miami.

I like his art a lot, but I think the film falls short. It shows aa great passion for hsi art, and shows how this passion led to his demise. The screenplay has huge holes and the characterizations aren’t well established. The actors have great chemistry with each other – you believe this is a real family – but beyond that I don’t know if we really knew the characters well. I found myself wishing for something more. Still, Miami is photographed beautifully, with vibrant colors that match its people.

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