Gonna Go Through It Together (Film Thoughts: Together Together)

Nikole Bekwith’s ‘Together Together’ premiered at Sundance earlier this year, and I wanted to see this film so badly but couldn’t get a ticket, and I heard so many good things about it that I was determined to see this as soon as I can. And my instincts were right – this is a wonderful film, the first one that touched me deeply in a long while, and for now, my. favorite film of the year.

Bekwith takes the rom com genre and its tropes and spins it, flips it, reverses it. You think the movie is going somewhere familiar (and I was totally fine with that) but it upends itself and gives you something even more meaningful.

Patti Harrison plays Anna, who agrees to be the surrogate to single guy Matt (Ed Helms) Anna is fiercely independent and determined to make this a business arrangement. But we all know that nothing in life is such, and both characters learn to accept and feel.

Helms is terrific. I only know of him from his stupid comedies but he shows surprising sensitivity here. And Harrison is a find, a modern day romantic leading lady – I hesitate to add that she os tarns because all in all it doesn’t matter, but her performance here just proves that point more effectively than anything else. I found myself laughing and crying, and that last frame will haunt anyone forever. Run and go see this film.

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