Come To The Cabaret (Movie Thoughts: Mainstream)

Probably the most interesting part of thsi movie is something that went viral in social media. It’s a photograph (or a series of photographs) of a naked Andrew Garfield walking all over Hollywood Boulevard. I mean, way to entice an audience, right? It seems like a genius idea about social media – having something go hog wild on social media.l

If only the film was more interesting – a sort of morality tale about the pitfalls of social media obsession, Andrew Garfield stars as ‘No One Special,’ an internet sensation who loses himself in the process. His character starts out as a little bit of an eccentric, and turns demonic by the end.

Garfield is great. He commands the screen and is on his element here – over-the-top, vulnerable, magnetic. I really do think he is a fantastic actor who can play any role, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off him here (While watching the film, I just thought of a perfect role for him – the Emcee in Cabaret)

The film is a little bit of a snooze, though. While the script is serviceable, it doesn’t really say much beyond what is obvious. But see it for Garfield’s performance. That made it worth my while.

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